Underground wildlife sounds

In order to further research the details of my under ground environment, I decided to look into the wildlife that may inhabit and affect aspects of my environment, so I began researching subterranean wildlife in order to get an idea of what animals might live there and what kinds of factors they may contribute to the environment through sound and/or visuals.

I drew out these animals on paper like I did with the subterranean plants and rocks to look back on as a reference during later design.

I included animals such as the pink fairy armadillo, star nosed mole, and naked mole rat, who would burrow and tunnel through the environment, causing piles of dirt as well as faint rustling/burrowing sounds that I could include in my environment.

I researched bats, which would also be perfect inhabitants for a cave environment as they can maneuver perfectly in the dark, communicating to one another with their high pitched chirping, which I could include as a sound in my environment.

I also looked at a range of insects, including glow worms that would emit a soft glow of light into the cavern, in great numbers they almost look like a starry night sky, which is a very attractive visual for a dark and confined space.

I also looked at cave spiders who would build silky webs in the environment as well as shrimp like creatures that are common in cave environments where water is present.

another strange animal I looked at was the Mexican mole lizard, which looks a lot like a snake with fore arms, and leaves trails in the dirt as it drags itself along.



Possible sounds and visuals to consider:

  • Digging/burrowing sounds
  • Piles of dirt
  • Cobwebs
  • Bats chirping
  • Glow worms glowing



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