Key Concepts/Issues

In order to understand the different elements of audio in media, I did a fair amount of research into a number of different areas in audio, including voice and narrative.

In this post I will present some of my research into voice and how it has helped me in understanding important aspects of audio.

In this voice acting tutorial, several of the key aspects of voice acting are addressed, including pitch, tone, accents and the emphasis on acting and not just “doing silly voices”

I found this to be particularly useful as a starting point to understanding the world of voice acting and what the job itself consists of. Also touched on in this video are voice exercises and warm ups and various impressions of already existing characters.

This video is part three in a series of videos on voice acting, Watching the whole series I learned a lot about the world of voice acting and how the industry works.

The series includes Finding work in voice acting, the qualities and creativity included in voice acting, the technical and editorial aspects of voice acting, issues such as noise pollution from sniffling and sneezing,  dubbing media that was previously released in another language, remembering lines, taking direction and so on.
I found this series to be especially helpful and insightful to my understanding of voice in media and the process that is gone through in order to produce professional and well acted and performed sound.

References: See bibliography [click here]


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