Once I had a clear Idea of what sort of sounds I was looking to select for my environment I began searching for free sounds on line. I set up a login for a site called “freesound.org” which serves as an archive for a mass of user uploaded free sounds. Searching under tags such as “cave”, “cavern”, “echo”, “lamp buzz”, “bats” etc and saving the ones I thought sounded clean and may go well with my design.

freesound1 freesound2 freesound3



Once I had saved a number of sounds that I thought may be successful, I then went through them a few times and decided on which ones I would use for my final sound piece, saving them to a “favourites” folder to come back to later. This made it easy to go through my sounds and make sure they all complimented one another, then importing the final audio tracks into ableton live to create my sound composition.





References: See bibliography [click here]


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