In order to decipher what colours will be the most successful with my environment, I created a number of different palettes. This helped me to decide which lighting I should apply to my final evironment, as all the textures will be natural colours (e.g- gray stone, green grass) so the main source of colour will be the lighting.

I decided I want to create glow worms sticking all over the cavern walls to light up the environment, as well as glowing mushrooms (which can be found in cave envionments) as well as lanterns to add a bit of extra brightness and make sure the environment isn’t too dark.

env1 env2 env3 env4 env5 env6









After experimenting with a few different colours for my environment I decided the best colour scheme to go for for a relaxed and natural looking environment were cool blues and greens; this is particularly good because glow worms give off a bluish light naturally while most glowing mushrooms glow a green-ish colour. With this colour scheme my environment will be both accurate in its depiction of natural light sources and serene to look at with soft cool colours that also reflect the presence of water which will also be heard running through the stream.


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