Concept Art

I decided to keep my concept artwork flexible and more focussed on the types of visuals I wanted to create rather than a specific and precise blueprint of what I wanted to create, This allowed me to keep a firm idea of what I wanted for my outcome while still allowing me to be creative and play around with Maya and experiment with different 3D compositions to see which worked the best for my environment.

I have decided that I want there to be far more subtle man made elements, and scrapped the idea of fencing and walkways. I want my environment to resemble a sort of garden cavern, leading to other, busier, cavern homes, but still maintaining a level of peaceful seclusion.




env4 caves2

Mood & Relevant sounds

While creating these designs I kept in mind the sounds that may be produced in them, and by eliminating more of the non-organic structures I began reaching a better environment for maintaining a peaceful and serene mood.

I want my environment to act as a sort of safe haven in its own virtual world, in concept it would be part of a much larger system of caves and bunkers inhabited by a small community, and I want this cavern to act as a sort of place of refuge, an artificial garden which almost perfectly mimics nature. I want the sounds to be smooth and natural, including calming water sounds and a very faint buzzing from the lamps, I also want to include bat calls to highlight the wildlife that shares these caverns with their human dwellers.


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