Once all my ideas for the visuals were down on paper, I began modelling my environment in Maya.

I created all my own textures including grass, stone and fungus, and I also set up the lighting so that the lamps and glow works in my environment would give off a soft glow and provide the main source of light for my renders.



I made a number of different textures for my maya work for the different materials, including some lighter and darker shades which I could use to adjust the colour balance and brightness of my scene.

Here are some of my textures:




grasstexture grasstexture2 grasstexture3


stonetexture stonetexture2 stonetexture3


After modelling the ground, river, cave walls, mushrooms, glow worms, stalactites and fungus, I used the Visor trees in my environment (trees included in Maya) I had to do this to maintain a level of realism, because modelling trees from scratch in Maya is time consuming work even for a professional, and it would have taken up too much time and effort away from other aspects of my project if I were to spend time learning to model realistic trees.
Finally when my environment was complete, I used the cameras to film a fly through of my image which I then batch rendered and converted into video format ready to combine with my audio track.

Here are some screen shots of my work in Maya:

A1 a3a2


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