The concept for my environment was to create a peaceful, serene cavern environment with man made elements
(such as levelled ground, planted grass seeds and plants and UV lanterns to keep these growing).

I want to keep the visuals as natural looking and peaceful as possible, emphasising the presence of water and earth with a blue and green colour scheme and soothing sounds of the river babbling and water droplets falling from above. I want to give the feeling of an area which has plenty of natural elements but is also inhabited by human beings, peaceful and secluded, but not separate from humanity.

After researching cavern environments I decided I wanted plenty of stalactites on the roof of the cavern, as they are a result of the water dripping (a sound heard commonly in cave environments). These stalactites also add a pleasing visual aesthetic, making the environment look more like a natural cave rather than a man made tunnel.

The stalagmites that would have formed below have been levelled off and replaced by grass by inhabitants of the cave system. In order to keep the presence of plant life a possibility in my environment I will include a string of UV lanterns (and some standing alone on poles) which will emit a soft humming buzz sound into the environment, a small reminder through sound that humans are present here.

There will be small growing mushrooms cuddled around the cave walls, providing extra colour and light to the environment, alongside the glow worms clinging to the cavern walls and emitting their own soft blue glow, which is somewhat reminiscent of a night sky, making the cavern look ever more peaceful and alive with these tiny insects.

The glow worms are not the only wildlife that will be present in my environment, as the sounds of bats will be heard from the highest parts of the cavern, making high pitched chirping noises, almost like the birdsong in the world above.

The water source for my environment will come from a river which will run through the cavern, entering and leaving through the many tunnels of the string of caverns, and creating a calming  and constant sound of rushing water.


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