Here is the final audio artefact for my 3D sonic rich environment:

Artefact description:

The cavern walls are a dark grey stone, riddled with shining bluish glow worms.

In the crevasses of the cavern walls there is some natural fungus growing, as well as the glowing green mushrooms that sit comfortably around the walls of the cavern.

Streaks of soft but bright white light pours out of the faintly buzzing lanterns strung across the ceiling of the cavern, weaving around the stalactites that drip cool water onto the cavern floor.

A babbling river runs through the cavern, dividing in the middle, feeding liquid to the three separated sections of the grassy floor and their small but steady trees.

Small chirping bats can be heard from their huddles in the highest parts of the cavern, adding to the soothing sounds of this strange but beautiful garden.


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