The concept for my environment was to create a visually beautiful cavern environment with some man made elements such as levelled ground, planted grass seeds and plants and UV lanterns to keep these growing. I wanted to give the feeling of an area which was natural but inhabited by human beings, peaceful and secluded, but not separate from humanity.

To create this effect I made the sound track to my environment consist of mainly natural sounds, such as water dripping and flowing, as well as bats screeching faintly in a nearby cavern, with only a faint buzzing of the UV lamps to imply a setting tampered with by man, I also kept the visuals as natural looking as possible, with cave walls that remain uneven with stalactites intact, glow worms attached to the cave walls, and grass and plants that imply nature, but naturally would not grow in this setting. I wanted to create a serene and peaceful environment with sound that was lively but not too loud or cluttered.



I feel that my environment is successful in its portrayal of the visual and sound design I was going for, and I am happy with the results.

The cavern environment glows beautifully and conveys a peaceful atmosphere with its cool and earthy colour tones and natural constant sound of the water dripping and flowing smoothly alongside the gentle buzz of the lanterns and the chirping of wild bats.

In future development I would definitely need to purchase some higher quality recording hardware in order to have complete freedom to record my own sound effects and perhaps travel to caves or other underground environments as well as zoo’s to make my own wildlife recordings, It would also be possible to imitate sounds and use them as sound effects this way, giving me more creative freedom with my soundtrack.

I would also need to gain a higher level of understanding for Maya in order to get a better quality visual for my environment, as well as downloading or purchasing some better video editing software to keep the quality high and make editing as creatively flexible as possible. Ableton is a good program for sound in my opinion, but I could also research it more to gain a greater understanding of how to create and manipulate my own sounds.


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