Here is my final presentation for my audio artefact:

Audio Artefact Presentation


Final thoughts:

I am really pleased with my artefect. I created an environment that fits the idea I had from my concept and sounds that are constant, flowing and pleasant to listen to. I feel that my artefact has created the peaceful and serene mood I intended for it and that the audio and the visuals go together perfectly, creating a comforting, relaxing hidden cavern that makes the viewer feel they are absorbed into the environment.

Things I would have liked to do differently include recording my own sounds with a HD microphone/recording kit, but I feel I may not have discovered natural sounds like the ones I discovered online, and so ultimately I’m happy with that decision.

I would have also liked to use better video editing software for my render of my final artefact and presentation as the software available to me is not of the best quality. however it did get the job done and I am still pleased with it.

To conclude; I amvery pleased with my work, and feel that I have learned a lot about sound while working on this project as well as creating my own successful sonic rich 3D environment.


Individual slides:

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