In this post I will go over the options and Ideas I have for my project in order to begin with a basic idea of what I’m aiming to create for my artefact.


(taken from the module study guide) Here are the options of what I can propose for my audio project;

  • Interactive Sound Design. Create a sonic rich 3D environment, following a theme of your choice. Explore spatialised game audio. Create a mood and atmosphere. Explore ambience and narrative.
  • Design an Audio Only Game, with a prototype.
  • Research FMOD. Read the Education Materials and propose a project. FMOD is the audio engine in Unity 3D – and much can be achieved but the implementation is simplified. But if you wish to do a more technical project and understand interactive audio in greater detail, start here. Not for the faint hearted!
  • Sonic Art – research and create a sonic art piece
  • Open Brief – propose your own project. E.g. If you are a musician and wish to do composition / recording for a project. You will need to fully research and document your proposal to Ian by week 5 and present in Week 7. This option is only available to those with clear and well formulated ideas. Note: communicate this early and clearly.
  • With agreement, you can pursue an idea and make an artefact outside of your core area of study. Agree in advance with Ian Grant.

What I will choose and why

I decided to go with creating a sonic rich 3D environment, as it will give me the freedom to work with both 3D design as well as sound, both relevant and important aspects of the design of most games.


Here is my initial brainstorm for my sonic rich 3D environment, I went over a few Ideas including enchanted forest, cave environment and floating city, listing sounds that could be relevant to those environments in order to get my ideas flowing and to think of concepts that could be developed into my final concept.


Brainstorm ideas I like/why:

Out of my ideas, my favourites are the floating city environment, the enchanted forest environment, because I think they could be very interesting and aesthetically and sonically appealing to create.

I particularly like the idea of an underground environment as the lighting would be very interesting to create as well as the sounds due to echoes and/or muffled noise due to being in a large or small area.


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