So far I have come up with a number of ideas for my final artefact sonic rich 3D environment.

In this post I will analyse these ideas and go through the possible pros and cons of creating these images as a 3D sonic rich environment.

I went over the types of visuals that may be present in each environment already so here I will list the sounds that may be found in these environments as well as the pros and cons of making these environments.

Pirate cave

  • Tide rushing in and out
  • Jingling coins
  • Deadwood hitting the cave walls (from the water)
  • footsteps in sand
  • seagulls


-lots of possible sounds

-interesting aesthetic ideas

-sounds would reflect environment well


-May be hard to show tide moving

-Treasure chests and loot may be hard to model


  • Mining pick striking stone or ore
  • Mining cart rolling
  • Elevator arriving/going up or down
  • Cave in sounds
  • footsteps and muffled talking


-Could include crystals and shiny ores in visuals (aesthetically pleasing)

-Busy environment makes the visuals and audio interesting


-Busy environment visuals and audio could be difficult to design, too much clutter, messy.

-Modelling mining carts, picks and other man made objects could be hard

Mushroom farm

  • Echoed/muffled voices
  • Small vermin rustling around
  • Faint buzzing of dim lamps
  • Crates being moved
  • Footsteps in the distance


-Simple and easy to model

-relatively flexible options for sound


-Visually not very exciting environment

-hard to think of relateable sounds that would create emotional response

Hidden bunker

  • Metallic sounds (metal doors shutting etc)
  • Buzz of electricity / mechanical sounds
  • Crackled radio static playing soft music
  • People talking
  • Pages of books turning or  sounds of writing


-Interesting idea, potential for interesting sounds

-Modelling flat walls and corners should be easy

-Textures  for metal should be easy


-Smaller objects with details may be hard to model e.g. radio

-Not as much potential for interesting aesthetic design (limited skill with maya)

Nature cavern

  • Running water sounds
  • Animals digging and burrowing
  • Insect sounds
  • Rocks falling (cave in?)
  • Dripping sounds from ceiling


– Natural sounds are relaxing and nice to listen to

-More organic environments easy to model without being boring and square/flat looking

-Range of interesting natural light sources to think about (glow worms etc)

-Use UV lamps to give plants light source, create a very strange environment (trees underground etc)


-Plants and trees may be difficult to model


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