Finalising concept ideas:

For my final ideas for my 3D sonic rich environment concept, I used my previous research along with my previous design ideas to come up with some basic environment sound ideas.

I want my environment to be a peaceful and relaxing setting that feels both realistic and immersive to the viewer.


I wanted to convey a very natural and calming atmosphere, so I continued my brainstorming, thinking about sound effects that go with this kind of idea.
Here are my brainstorms:

relaxingNature sounds

Sound environment concepts:

Using my brainstorms, I then came up with five environmental sound combinations that I could use in my 3D sonic rich environment, I tried to make each idea as unique and interesting as possible as well as following my own guidelines for a relaxing and realistic environment, full of natural elements.


  • Water running (stream)
  • Water dripping (stalactites)
  • Bats chirping
  • Lights buzzing


  • Water dripping (stalactites)
  • Radio (white noise)
  • Radio music (classical)
  • Animals digging
  • Echoed conversation (talking)


  • Crickets
  • Bats chirping
  • Synth music
  • Dripping (stalactites)


  • Dripping (stalactites)
  • Leaves rustling
  • Animals digging
  • Bats chirping



  • Synth music
  • Leaves rustling
  • Branches creaking
  • Running water (stream)
  • Dripping (stalactites)


Which ideas I like/what they could offer

My favourite idea out of these and the one I want to use for my final concept is idea 1.

I feel that the sounds in this idea are all calm and constant enough to create a calm and mellow mood as well as conveying nature through the water and animal sounds as well as suggesting human inhabitants with the soft buzzing of the lamps.

I feel it will be very important to find the right sounds for this environment so I will continue to look through sounds on-line until I have found the best ones to include with this environment.


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